Design Engineering Services
After almost three years of work experience I have started my own design office for the development of special purpose plants and machinery. During the tenor I have handled, of course with team, development of many equipment. Few of the major achievements described below: -
1. Tile conveyor system to automate the process of handling the ceramic tiles while under production from the stage of wet moulding on press to drying, glazing colouring backing, stacking etc. (H R Johnson, Thane). The complete system was as long as 30 meter conveying each tile to different stages.
2. Design and Implementation of De-coiling plant for steel coils upto six tones weight with width upto 1500 mm and thickness 6 mm. It was uniquely designed exclusive plant to be installed in metal processing industry to convert the coils into sheets and plates. The plant was also designed along with specialized material handling system for mounting of coils.
3. Labeling plant designing for Asian Paints Ltd. The said equipment was required to be installed in the production line for sticking small size label to each Tin of paints to display the batch number and product specifications such as colour and price etc.