Work Experience
After graduating from V.J.T.I., Mumbai as B.E. (Mechanical) I have worked as Design Engineer for a tenor of two years (from 1981 to 1983) at M/s. S.C. Brothers, Goregaon. M/s. S. C. Brothers is in the field of development and manufacturing of special purpose plant and machinery. In S. C. Brothers we used to develop mechanical equipment such as Belt Conveyer, Screw Conveyer, Chain Conveyer, Automatic high speed Pipe Threading machines, mechanical equipment used in steel plant such as mould support, billet apron, conveyer table-top, cooling water spray system etc. as well as chemical equipment such as Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Sigma Mixer, Oven System for bottling plant, Paper Mill equipment, Equipment for Rubber product manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical Apparatus and equipment. I was in-charge of drawing office with 6-8 draftsmen and other staff working under me.
It was pleasure to see the machines being erected on drawing paper and taken to fabrication and actually being developed in front of eyes. It was also great to attain to feedback from shop-floor both machine shops as well as fabrication shop. It was also pleasure attaining to the calls from purchase department requesting to make changes as per non-availability of bought-out items. After acquiring substantial confidence when management started involving me in preparation of offer documents prior to actual order booking it turned out to be more interesting added lot of value in me. It was all-round experience for me to work at S. C. Brothers.
The second company that I worked for is M/s. Canning Mitra Phoenix Ltd., Powai, Mumbai. Canning Mitra happens to be in the field of manufacturing Electro-plating Plant and equipment. In short span of nine months I have designed and re-engineered atleast eight customs built electro-plating plant for carrying out plating of various nature and type including Hard Chrome plating, Phosphating, Anodizing, and Galvanizing etc. The plant design responsibility was to be extent of mechanical design of Tanks, Ducting for discharge of gases, Overhead conveyor system for handling of job to be plated, rubber lining, FRP lining, Lead lining loading and unloading station design etc. The designing of Glydo for automating the process of material handling was a great challenge being fulfilled to fullest satisfaction both own as well as management.
Sincere, reliable and prompt are their services.
Kasturi Shah